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APEX Recovery Center

San Diego, CA

APEX Recovery Center

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    01 Sep 2020

    This place is horrible. They kicked me out with less then a hour of being there saying that I did not pass a UA which I had just passed on at my Detox facility and the house manager had picked me up and taken me to the sober living house and immediatly gave me the UA so its impossible. I asked for a refund and Dave said that he would only give me half of what is owed to me. He has taken over a month in a half to pay me back $600 all while calling me a bullshit liar, telling me that I am "annoyin

  • 221921
    1 review
    06 Jan 2020

    The house is very nice but that’s all it has going for it. The house manager plays favorites and allows certain residents to smoke weed and take benzos, which doesn’t seem very safe for other recovering addicts, and also being clean and sober means abstinence from all mind altering drugs and alcohol, which I’m pretty positive last time I checked included weed and benzos. Also one of the girls punched another girl several times and never got kicked out which tells me violence is excusable there.

  • 220246
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    29 Aug 2018

    Castle was grea! I never got serious about my recovery until I lived here. Very appreciative of everything they have done for me. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a safe, supportive place to start their recovery.

  • 220000
    1 review
    13 Aug 2018

    Great facility. Very clean. Priced well. Manager was very helpful and knowledgeable.Very fast internet. cable TV has great choice of programs. The food was delicious. The rooms are very clean.

    I will highly recommend.