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Phoenix Recovery

Tiburon, CA

We are a client-focused sober living company located in Tiburon. ...


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  • 220242
    1 review
    28 Aug 2018

    I owe my life to this place. I went from total pill addict, living on the streets of Berkeley, eating out cat food bowls left on porches to 1.5 years sobriety. The staff were great, owners were very compassionate and clearly are in this line of work for the right reasons. I'll never forget the times I spent here as I continue on my journey.

  • 220025
    1 review
    14 Aug 2018

    This place saved my life! Cool people and great house! Owners are very hands-on and, in addition to the people I met in the house, help to create the most effective environment to nourish and support sobriety. I am now over two years sober and credit resolutions as being an integral part of my recovery process. Highly recommended!